Lara Hrm

Lara Hrm is a human resource managment system that can be used for manage employees in business.This product mostly foucus to leave managment and employee shift shedule.

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Employee Managment

You can easily manage your company employees using the system.

Shift Shedule Managment

You can Mark employee working time and shedule using the system

Leave Managment

You can manage employee leave request using the system

Perfect Solution Thriving Online Business

Lara Hrm is a first product of Lara Office.Company Managers can manage their employees using the system.multiple user types can access using there permisions and employee can make leave request and chek his shedule.

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Easy to Use with Awesome Features

Lara Hrm is fully user friendly and support for all of device.

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Why Choose Lara Hrm

User friendly and simple software for office users.No need extra Computer Knowlage for handle the system.

Employee Managment

System can manage your company employees and employee can log there account and submit leave request.

Shedule Managment

System can manage employee shift shedule and can assign employees to shift.

Leave Managment

Manager or other privilages user can add leaves to employee.


System can manage employee in out time and keep there records.


Admin or privilages user can see employeewise and departmentwise reports.

User Managment

System can manage unlimited user roles and accounts.